Raid Heroes

Guild Wars 2 raid encounter report and analysis. Know your heroes!


Extract .zip to any location and you're ready to use

How to use

This utility parses binary logs from arcdps. Don't forget to enable 'save log to file' feature in dps meter.

There are 2 ways to generate report:

  • CMD: raid_heroes <evtc_filename>
  • Drag .evtc or file on executable

Output: same filename as .evtc but with .html extention

Latest changes

31.03.17 1.1-32-g5c0d55a QoL update

  • Tables are sortable (use Shift+Click to sort by multiple columns)
  • Total and per group stats in Stats table
  • Average and per group uptime in Boon Stats table
  • Hover death icon to see death time and alive %
  • Resurrection markers on DPS graphs
  • Pinpoint Distribution uptime
  • Average count of boons in player summary
Bug fixes:
  • Phase detection, GotL and GoE for china clients
  • Wrong Aegis uptime
  • Rare wrong VG phase ending


These are examples of encounters:


Please check arcdps's project page.

Overall dps is calculated using encounter time which starts when boss enters combat and ends when boss is dead or all players leave combat

Toughness, condition damage and healing power stats are relative numbers: 0 - least, 10 - most

Future plans

  • Online tool
  • Boon output
  • Options
  • Skill rotation


Feel free to leave comments and suggestions about experience with my tool. Don't forget sending me .evtc file when submitting bug report.

Donations are welcomed :)


Reddit: /u/maxlepeh
Guild Wars 2:MaxL.1496


Reddit: /u/valdol
Guild Wars 2:Dagoth.7038

Older changes

15.03.17 1.1-11-g39154b7 QoL update. New: boss health, boss armor(requires EVTC20170314+), slight restyling, local-machine time, Aegis and Retaliation in Boon Stats, incoming cleanses and strips with total time, failed mechanics count in overall stats, time wasted per skill, added Matthias mechanic: give Blood Fueled buff on boss (wrong reflect)

10.03.17 1.1-0-gbecefce Combat data update. New: player summary tab with skill damage distribution, separate pet damage, mechanics summary, combat stats(dodges, res time, cleances, boot strips, flank rate, glance rate, evades, blocks, misses, interrupts), incoming damage. QoL changes: small redesign, compressed evtc support, encounter start time, disconnct detection, avg stacks in table, float numbers precision adjustment (thanks to /u/valdol), bug fixes

27.02.17 1.0-12-g6e80f14 Bug fixes.

26.02.17 1.0-11-g23ce0a5 The Mechanics update. New: encounter mechanics for all bosses, wasted time, smoother graphs, phases in overall graphs, minor bug fixes.

20.02.17 1.0-4-g4688ecb New: squad composition for EVTC20170216+, boon stats, moved toughness, healing, condi to squad comp for new evtc files, samarog phases. Check Samarog example.

16.02.17 1.0-1-ge58b646 Bug fixes: double down count, boss minion tracking in phases.

16.02.17 1.0-0-g5311b93 Core rewrite, now supports old and new evtc versions. A lot of bugs are fixed, added account names, added warnings, boss dps column is main in stats, added overal dps and boon graphs. Versioning is changed for better tracking.